Arlo Customer Service Phone Number-Add users to Arlo Account

Netgear’s home security product Arlo comes along with so many accessibility features. This lays a simple fact, that you can keep your closed ones & friends as an inevitable part of arlo account by allowing them required access rights. Arlo Customer Service Phone Number works round the clock, where you can have better usability of your arlo account. If you don’t know how to add users to arlo account, then you’re in right place. Well! Friends are additional users on arlo account. Friends are additional users whom you can give access to your account. Friends & relatives are provided limited access to some of the features & settings of arlo account.

Arlo Customer Service Phone Number

For adding friends to your arlo account-
  • First of all launch arlo app or sign in to account at the official website.
  • Next, tap option, click, “settings”
  • Under the account section, tap option, “grant access”.
  • Tap or click Add
  • Submit first name, last name as well as the mailing address of the person to who you like to use as a friend.
  • Next, click cameras to whom you wish your friend to access.
  • After that, click option, “send invite”.
Once you click send invitation option, an email with an invitation message will be sent to the friend. It is the invitation to create an arlo account. The will remain pending until your friend accepts the invitation. After trying the steps, if you are facing any kind of technical issue, then you are free to join our Arlo Support staff for better services always.

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